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haneda to kyoto. kyoto to haneda

Haneda to Kyoto. Kyoto to Haneda

Aug 22 2016 schedule Haneda to Kyoto
Aug 23 2016 schedule Haneda to Kyoto
Aug 27 2016 schedule Kyoto to Tokyo
Aug 28 2016 schedule Kyoto to Tokyo

Please recommend best option.
Travel is aug 22-30 mnl to hnd, hnd to mnl

Want to spend more time in kyoto, osaka and the nearby sites
Then explore tokyo



Hi there,

Travel to Kyoto is and back to Tokyo is very straight forward. There are direct bullet trains between Tokyo and Kyoto stations.

That leaves travel from Haneda to Kyoto, using the JR Pass: take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station (the last stop on the Monorail), there transfer to the Yamanote line bound to Tokyo station.

For itinerary ideas see:

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