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getting to suzuka circuit for formula one

Getting to Suzuka Circuit for Formula One


My partner will be visiting Japan for the first time in October and are a little nervous about finding our way around...

We will be staying in Tokyo (Shinjuku) for one week, then heading to Osaka for 1 week and attending the Formula One for 2 days during our stay in Osaka.

Could you please tell me if a 14 day pass will cover all of the following trips:
1. Narita Airport to Shinjuku
2. Shinjuku to Osaka
3. Osaka to Suzuka Circuit (2 times)
4. Suzuka Circuit to Osaka (2 times)
5. Osaka to Osaka Airport

We will also want to use the subway to get around Tokyo and Osaka...

Would you mind letting me know if all of these trips are covered on a 14 day rail pass or if we will need to expect to pay more?




Hi Sarah!

The Japan Rail Pass will cover the vast majority of the travel you list, however there are some exceptions that you should be aware of.

Getting to and from Suzuka Circuit from Osaka with JR Pass

To get to Suzuka circuit from Osaka you should aim to get to JR Kawarada near the Suzuka circuit with your Japan Rail Pass (sample itinerary). From Kawarada station you'll need to use the local non-JR Ise Testudo operated line to get to Suzuka Circuit Ino (sometimes written 'SuzukaSakittoIno' (sample itinerary). As this is not covered by the rail pass you will have to pay the standard ticket fare of ¥300 each way. From Suzuka Circuit Ino you can easily walk to the circuit.

Travel around Osaka and Tokyo using JR

The subway system in Tokyo and Osaka is not operated by JR and so you will need to purchase tickets as needed if you'd like to use these systems. However, JR has excellent network coverage in both cities and so with some planning you can minimise the amount of times you need to pay for the subway. Here's a map of JR lines in Tokyo and a map of rail lines in Osaka, including JR.

Hope this helps!

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