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fukuoka to the rest of japan

Fukuoka to the rest of Japan

Hi! I would like to go to as many places in Japan in my 8 night stay. I am arriving in Fukuoka on Dec. 13 (Tuesday) and would leave Japan through Narita Airport on Dec. 21 (wednesday the following week). I would stay in Fukuoka for 2 nights and would like to get & start to use 7 day unli JR pass on Dec. 15 (thursday morning) going to Osaka (stay 1 night in Osaka). As I read in your info my 7 day unli pass would be valid from Dec.15 (thursday morning) up to Dec. 21 (wednesday midnight), am I correct?

Dec. 15 (thursday morning) from Fukuoka to Osaka (stay 1 night in Osaka)
Dec. 16 (friday morning) from Osaka to Nagoya (stay 1 night in Nagoya)
Dec. 17 (saturday morning) from Nagoya travel to Mt. Fuji and on the same day travel to Tokyo (stay 1 night in Tokyo)
Dec. 18 (sunday) from Tokyo to Sapporo (stay 2 nights in Sapporo)
Dec. 20 (tuesday) from Sapporo to Tokyo (stay 1 night in Tokyo)
Dec. 21 (wednesday) 10am flight at Narita Airport

Can I still use my 7 day unli JR pass to NARITA AIRPORT FROM TOKYO?
I would like to ask if this itinerary is possible?
Can I use the 7 day JR pass in all these train routes?
How many hours will it take for JR line trains for the different destinations in my itinerary?


Your reply to my questions will be a big help for my plans to my trip to Japan.


Hello there,

Looking at your itinerary, there's a LOT of travel. Especially Tokyo - Sapporo seems to much to me. A one way Tokyo - Sapporo is about 7 hours by train. Making the return for 2 days, would spend 14 hours on the train for a couple of hours in Sapporo. I would advise visiting somewhere closer.

The JR Pass is indeed valid for 7 days and the first day is counted as a full 7 this would be from the 15th-21st in your case and include the return to Narita Airport.

I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia its a great tool and for planning and you can find all kinds of route information.

Hope this helps,

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