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fukuoka to osaka

Fukuoka to Osaka

We will be travelling in March 2013 , can you please check this itinerary if this is possible
March 26 - Arriving in Kansai Osaka - suggestions for Anime and electronic places in Osaka ?
Day trips to Kobe and Kyoto
Also can you suggest nice private onsen?
March 29 - Leaving Osaka to Fukuoka
Suggestions for onsen near Fukuoka
Would we have time to do a day trip to Kumamoto?
March 31 - Leave Fukuoka to return home

Is this a feasible itinerary or is it too much in this short period?
Would a JR pass 7 day be good for this trip and what would be the cost?
Thank you for your help.


Hi there!

Here are some thoughts on your trip:

  1. For Anime/electronics in Osaka you should head to "Den-Den Town" or Nipponbashi. Similar to Akihabara in Tokyo you'll find a whole range of things there.
  2. If you're in the region of Kobe, you could try Arima Onsen which won't be very far. Alternatively, if you want a real treat, I recommend Kinosaki Onsen though this is a 2hr train trip away and really deserves to be an overnight stop.
  3. The best onsen near Fukuoka are in Yufuin (in my opinion!). There is direct JR access to Yufuin so you should find access no problem.
  4. you may have time for a day trip to Kumamoto, it really depends on how you're feeling at that point. Similarly, on the way down to Fukuoka from Osaka you may want to stop off at Kurashiki or Hiroshima/Miyajima (or these can also be done as day trips from Fukuoka or Osaka). I think if I had to choose here I'd recommend the Hiroshima/Miyajima combination as having the best day trip potential from Fukuoka.

Here are your costs for your trip. I have included some day trips too:

  1. Kansai airport > Osaka: ¥2,600 (53mins, 57km)
  2. Osaka > Kobe(hyogo): ¥390 (24mins, 33km)
  3. Kobe(hyogo) > Osaka: ¥390 (25mins, 33km)
  4. Osaka > Kyoto: ¥540 (29mins, 42km)
  5. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥540 (28mins, 42km)
  6. Osaka > Kinosakionsen: ¥5,250 (161mins, 183km)
  7. Kinosakionsen > Osaka: ¥5,250 (173mins, 183km)
  8. Osaka > Hiroshima: ¥10,150 (104mins, 345km)
  9. Hiroshima > Hakata: ¥8,900 (69mins, 280km)
  10. Hakata > Yufuin: ¥4,230 (128mins, 134km)
  11. Yufuin > Hakata: ¥4,230 (131mins, 134km)

JR ticket cost: ¥42,470 for 11 legs

You can add/remove some of these legs to change your overall calculation, but you could save money with a JR pass depending on how many extra trips you planned on doing.

Hope this helps!

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For hot springs areas near Fukuoka, the closest is Futsukaichi (there are a few within Fukuoka and its suburbs). Yufuin is in Oita.

There is good info seeing Fukuoka on:


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