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fujiyoshida to kyoto, then kyoto hiroshima, kyoto osaka and kyoto nara

fujiyoshida to kyoto, then kyoto hiroshima, kyoto osaka and kyoto nara

We will be travelling to Japan in April, arriving Narita on the 4th. I am considering a 7day pass, but not activating it until the 6th, when we will depart the Mt. Fuji area for Kyoto. We will then be based in Kyoto until the 10th, doing day trips to Hiroshima, Osaka and Nara, returning to Tokyo on the 10th or 11th.
First question - is it good value to purchase a 7day pass?
Second question - can we get from Mt. Fuji to Kyoto without returning to Tokyo?
Third question - how do we book the most direct routes for each of these trips?
Thank you for your help!


Hi there!

1.) Yes certainly! By going to Kyoto - Hiroshima - Osaka - Nara and back to Tokyo, you'd be making some very good savings. Just visiting Kyoto with the JR Pass will pay for the pass itself.

2.) That depends on where around Fuji you will be traveling from. If you come from Fujiyoshida there are two options. One is to take the Fujikyu line back to Otsuki and then to Tokyo to board to the Shinkansen to Kyoto there. The other option is to take an express bus to Mishima station and get on the Shinkansen from there. Going via Tokyo is a little cheaper with the JR Pass but taking the bus is a little faster.

3.) That's easy, just go to any JR Desk and tell the staff where you wish to travel. They will find the best route for you and book the tickets at the same time!

Hope this helps!

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