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from tokyo to kumamoto

From Tokyo to Kumamoto

We are traveling to Japan on May 25th. We would like to take the train from Tokyo to Kyoto on June 1st, then from Kyoto to Kumamoto on June 3rd. Then we will need to travel back from Kumamoto to Tokyo on June 9th or 10th. Can you recommend an itinerary? Every time I enter this into Hyperdia it includes a flight. We wish only to take the train.

Thank you so much!


Hello there,

Did you know that you can exclude search option such as the Airplanes when searching with Hyperdia? To do so click on SearchDetails below the input fields. To search for routes available with the JR Pass remove Airplane/Airport Shuttle Bus/NOZOMI/Private Railway and then click search. More details can be found in out blog post.

I've also added an example itinerary for you between Kyoto and Kumamoto. I've set all the search parameters for you, so just change the place name if you want to look up other routes.

Hope this helps!

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