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from kyushu to kansai

From Kyushu to Kansai


Need your kind advice.

Is it a right move to get JR Pass to be used in Kyushu? I would like to hop on a speed train that will leave near Kushima-shi (where my friends stay), and go onwards to West Japan. I am thinking to plonk myself in a hotel in Kyoto and do day trips.

Would it be safe to say that from Kyoto,Himeji, Hiroshima, and Miyajima are a couple of hours away?

Does the trains run in the midnight? Another option is to sleep in trains, and save on accomodation.

your advise is most appreciated in advance.


Hi there,

Yes! - you will have complete coverage in Kyushu with the JR Pass. However, there is no high speed train from Kushima-shi I'm afraid - you would have to use local lines to get to a bullet train terminal.

The nearest bullet train station is at Kagoshima-chuo, which is around 2hrs away by car:

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You can also get to Kagoshima-chuo by rail, but it will take around 5 hours:

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From Kagoshima you can travel up country incredibly easily (Hiroshima in 2h46m, Kyoto in 4h44m), but you'll need to get to Kagoshima-chuo station first!

The Japanese train system generally closes down around 11pm, and I'm afraid sleepers do not go as far as Kushima. If possible I recommend planning on overnighting somewhere - possibly Miyajima/Fukuoka?

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks Mari! reatly appreciate this great information. Thanks for your help for my 2 questions!


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