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from kyoto to tokyo with jr pass

From Kyoto to Tokyo with JR Pass

I'll make Kyoto-Tokyo by train with JR Pass. Is there any recomendation for an interesting stop of a couple of hours somewhere between these two cities?

I appreciate your ideas, thanks

Hi there,

When you take the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo you will stop at several cities, if you are looking for a good stop to spend your day I thinking either Nagoya or Shizuoka is a good choice.

In Nagoya you can visit the city, try some of the local dishes, visit the castle and perhaps do some shopping.

Shizuoka knows for making some of the best tea in Japan, you could head downtown and try some yourself. Kunozan Toshogu is worth a visit as well.

For reference:
Here is a map with Shinkansen stops.

Enjoy your travel in Japan!

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Thank you Daniel. Those places seem very interesting.
I can see in the Map a place called Shin-Fuji. Is it possible to see the the Mount Fuji from there?

Thank you again.

And Suruga Bay? It looks beautiful with Mount Fuji in second plan. Should Mount Fuji have snow in April-May? Can a take a smaller train from Shinfuji to Suruga Bay?

Hi Isabel,

Mount Fuji has snow all year round! Less in summer but it looks beautiful in April.
Shin-fuji is a bit misleading as it is named after the city there and not the mountain, I would not recommend it as a stop because no other train connections are stopping there.

Do you know what part of Suruga bay you would like to see? For instance by train you could go to Shizumu but I don't know how the view is from there. It is only 11 minutes by train from Shizoaku city, so maybe worth a try.
Shizuoka itself is also known for its beautiful sight of Fuji!

Hope this helps

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