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from kyoto to hakone

From Kyoto to Hakone

Hello friends,

I need to go from Kyoto to Ubako-Station in Hakone.

What is the best way to get there (Ubako-Station) using my JR Pass?



Hi there,

By Ubako-Station I assume you mean the station on the Hakone Ropeway.

I think the best way to to travel by JR from Kyoto to Gotemba, from here you can take the Odakyu Highway bus to Togendai and from there board the rope-way to Ubako.

Alternatively if you have a Hakone Free Pass, you can take a direct bullet train from Kyoto to Odawara and from there make your way there with the Hakone Tozan railway. This page gives a great overview of possible routes, especially the orientation map.

It is a bit of a difficult trip so let me know if some part is unclear.

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I really appreciate that.
Thank you!


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