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from kawaguchi to ashikaga

from kawaguchi to ashikaga

I will travel from osaka to five fuji lakes kawaguchi on May 9, is it possible to travel to ashikaga in same day?

and please guide me to use JR pass from Osaka to that destination

Thank you very much for your help


Hello there,

Osaka - Kawaguchiko is a rather long trip, travelling on the same day to Asahikaga would mean that you would have no time to look around. I would stay the night in Kawaguchiko if possible. Or alternatively, visit Hakone instead.Which is much easier to access from Osaka, also provides an amazing view of Fuji (weather permitting) and you can travel easily on to Tokyo and Ashikaga.

Osaka - Kawaguchiko

Here is the route Kawaguchiko - Ashikaga.

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Actually, if you are trying to reach the Ashikaga Flower Park, which should be in full bloom by that date, then the correct train route is to Tomita Station. From there it is a 10-15 minute walk to the park.


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