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first time in japan - 12 days

First time in Japan - 12 days


I have planned the following itinerary for our 12 days in Japan in mid-November for 2 people. I have arranged the travel dates such that I we can use only a 7 day JR pass. Would you be able to provide a breakdown of the travel costs for each of our major travel days so I can determine whether it would be worthwhile to have a little more flexibility in our travel schedule (perhaps an extra day in Hiroshima at the expense of a day in Tokyo) and go for the 14 day pass instead? Also, would a JR pass cover travel in and around Tokyo?

Day 0: Flight arrival at 10:30 pm at Haneda. Sleep Tokyo.
Day 1: Tokyo. Sleep Tokyo.
Day 2: Tokyo. Sleep Tokyo.
Day 3: Tokyo. Sleep Tokyo.
Day 4:: Early train to Nikko. day in Nikko. Back to Tokyo. – START JR PASS
Day 5: Early train to Kyoto. Afternoon and evening in Kyoto. Sleep Kyoto.
Day 6: Kyoto. Sleep Kyoto.
Day 7: Day trip from Kyoto to Nara, Sleep Kyoto.
Day 9: Day trip from Kyoto to Osaka/Kobe. Sleep Kyoto.
Day 10: Early train to Hiroshima. Sleep Hiroshima
Day 11: Hiroshima. Back to Tokyo at night. - END JR PASS
Day 12: Tokyo. Back to Haneda at night

My partner is really interested in visiting the onsen hot springs. Is there anywhere in my itinerary that would be particularly good for that or should we be making a special trip somewhere else in order to experience a great onsen?

Thank you so much!!


Hi there,

Unfortunately I am unable to use the ticket pricing system at the moment. I will post a detailed price breakdown on Monday.

From reading your post though, I can tell you already that both the 7 day and 14 day JR Pass would help you make very good savings.

As for Onsen, they can be found all over Japan. I know there is a very nice one in the north of Kyoto, called Kurama onsen. It may be worth checking out, since you'll be a couple of days in Kyoto. If you really wish to get an all in experience, head to Kinosaki Onsen. Kinosaki is a lovely onsen town, not too far from Kyoto. You could stay there in one of the local Ryokan and enjoy a private onsen.

More on Monday! Hope this gives you something to read in the meantime.

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Thank you so much! This forum has been wonderfully helpful. I'm going to look up the onsen you've recommended!


Hi Barry,

Sorry it's a bit later than promised, but here's a breakdown of normal ticket prices vs the JR Pass.

Tokyo - Nikko ¥ 5,780
Nikko - Tokyo ¥ 5,780
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,800
Kyoto - Nara (return) ¥ 1,420
Kyoto - Osaka ¥ 560
Osaka - Kobe ¥ 410
Kobe - Kyoto ¥ 1,080
Kyoto - Hiroshima ¥ 11,290
Hiroshima - Tokyo ¥ 18,760

For a total of ¥ 48,880 or ¥ 19,780 in savings, as the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110.

Not too bad right :)

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