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family of 5 travelling tokyo to kyoto to nozawa onsen

Family of 5 travelling Tokyo to Kyoto to Nozawa Onsen

Hi we are a family of 5 and want to travel from Narita to Shibuya in Tokyo on 28th december 2015.
then on 1st january we plan to travel fromTokyo to Kyoto.
then on 5th january Kyoto to Nozawa Onsen.
then on 12th january Nozawa Onsen to Narita for a 730 pm flight to australia

1. what sort of JR pass do we need?
i understand that 1st and 12th january are public holidays and therefore very busy, can i prebook seats using an ordinary pass or do i need a first class pass?

looking forward to hearing from you

Hello there,

I checked the route you will travel for the best option but must conclude that so far it would be better to purchase normal tickets as you travel. This because the total amount of tickets is below the price of the JR Pass. The difference is pretty small though, about 4,000yen. So if you'd make a day trip, then a 7 day JR Pass could be a great option if you'd also cover Tokyo - Kyoto ad Kyoto - Nozawa Onsen with it.

It will indeed be busy with new year, so I would recommend purchasing/reserving the tickets on day of arrival. This should give you enough time to reserve them.

Hope this helps,

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