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does my itinerary seems resonable? please help ^_^

Does my Itinerary seems resonable? Please help ^_^

I'm planning a trip to Japan in 3 weeks (mid April) and drafted the following agenda. Do they seem reasonable with the amount of time I allocated? Also, should I plan an ONSEN trip to Hakone or Osaka?

4/14/2012 - Arriving NRT to Tokyo

4/14 - 4/18/2012 - Tokyo

4/18 - 4/19/2012 - Hakone

4/19 - 4/20/2012 - Kyoto

4/20 - 4/22/2012 - Osaka

4/22/2012 - Osaka to NRT


Hi there!

This looks good for a 9 day trip!

I certainly recommend a trip to an Onsen if you can. There are numerous onsen in Hakone that you could visit while you are there. Also, while you are in Osaka you could also plan to stay a night at Kinosaki Onsen. It's around 3hrs from Osaka on the Japan Sea coast, and is a fantastic little town with many Onsen, a great atmosphere and routinely described as the best Onsen town in the area. Here's a good forum post with more, and you can also book many onsen online.

Hope this helps!

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