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do i need to buy extra ticket to travel around japan

Do I need to buy extra ticket to travel around Japan

Hi Daniel,

I will be traveling to Japan from 28/4 - 5/5/2015 (8 days 7 nights) with

  1. 6 adults;
  2. 4 senior citizens;
  3. 4 children (age 10, 6, 5, 4)
  4. 2 infants (age 1, 6 month)

Our itinerary will be:

Day 1: Arrive at KIX. Go to Osaka & store our luggage in coin locker. Go to Nara via JR Train. Get back to Osaka, take luggage at coin locker and go to apartment at Amemura.
Day 2: From Osaka, go to Kobe via JR Train. Get back to Osaka.
Day 3: From Osaka, go to Arashiyama via JR Train. Get back to Osaka.
Day 4: Check out apartment, and store luggage in coin station. From Osaka, go to Kyoto. After a day visit Kyoto, take JR Train to Tokyo. Take train to apartment in Kawasaki.
Day 5: From Kawasaki, go to Disneysea. Get back to Kawasaki
Day 6: Check out apartment in Kawasaki, go to Tokyo Station to put luggage in coin locker. Explore Tokyo using JR Train. After exploring Tokyo, take luggage and catch JR Train to Osaka. Get luggage in Osaka coin locker and check in apartment.
Day 7: Exploring Osaka using 1 day unlimited pass.
Day 8: Using JR Train from JR Namba to KIX.

Can you comment on this itinerary? Can we utilize using JR 7 Days Pass for the whole trip?



Hello there,

The itinerary looks good and busy and that's how you get to see the most of Japan. The JR Pass will cover all your travel where needed and you'll make nice savings over normal tickets.

For Kobe, you will most likely want to travel to the Station called Sannomiya, this is the center of Kobe and gives easy access to many places. You can reach this station on the JR Shinkaisoku service from Osaka/Kyoto stations.

Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!

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