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do i need jr pass?

Do I need JR Pass?

Hello, my boyfriend and I are traveling to Japan in September this year and I would be grateful if someone could tell me how I can check if buying a JR pass for 7 days makes sense for the following itinerary:

Day 1. Tokyo - Matsumoto
Day 2. Matsumoto - Shinanoomachi-Tateyama-Toyama
Day 3. Toyama-Kyoto
Day 4. Kyoto - Arashiyama - Kyoto
Day 5. Kyoto - Himeji - Kyoto
Day 6. Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto
Day 7. Kyoto - Hiroshima
Day 8. Hiroshima - Miyajima
Day 9. Miyajima - Tokyo

From what I found JR pass is valid on most of the trains here except to/from Miyajima - is it correct?
If it is correct then probably it makes sense to activate the pass on day 1 rather than 3?
Also, how can I check how prices for separate tickets in my itinerary add up in order to see how much I save by using JR pass?

Thank you!



Hi Galina,

The JR Pass is valid on nearly all rail lines you wish to travel on. However Tateyama - Toyama is not covered. Hiroshima - Miyajima is included in the JR Pass, even the Ferry.

Using a 7 day JR Pass, I would use it from day 3-9, as day 9 is by far the most expensive.

We have a great tool that you can use to calculate the cost of your itinerary:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel, your reply is very helpful indeed. We'll go for JR pass.



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