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do i need japan rail pass

Do I need Japan Rail Pass


I,m planning to visit Japan on 1st of May 2014 for two weeks,I have two options;

5 Nights in osaka ( Tennoji Area)
@ 1 day round trip to Hiroshima

2 Nights Kyoto ( Gion ), Using Haruka Express from Tennoji to kyoto station
5 Nights in Tokyo ( Hibiya ) using bullette train to Tokyo station
@ 1 day round trip to Mt.fuji Area 2 Nights Disneyland hotel

My question is What type of pass do I need and for how many days? What I understand that Japan rail pass is not valid for the bullette trains even If I bought the green pass, is this correct?

My second option is to fly to okinawa for 2 days instead of kyoto then flying again to tokyo

In this case do I need a rail pass?


Jassim Hameedi
Jassim Hameedi

Hi there!

The JR Pass most certainly is valid for the Bullet trains and covers every bullet train route (The Shinkansen) in Japan! Actually the JR Pass is put to best use when traveling on the Shinkansen as normal tickets can be rather costly.

Now that that is cleared up, let's have a look if a pass would fit your plans. It would really depend on where you travel and what option you decide to go with. For instance a return Tokyo - Kyoto would quickly pay off, however the JR Pass may not be the best option if you fly to Okinawa. In your first option a 7 day JR Pass could be a big help if you use it for travel to Hiroshima - Kyoto and Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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