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do i need a rail pass for kansai?

Do I need a rail pass for Kansai?

My husband and I will be traveling to Japan in Sept.
This is an idea of our itinerary and the rates I got from per person:
Are the rates correct and would it be more economical to get a rail pass, if so, what kind?
Sept. 20-Take train from Kansai Airport to Kyoto 1,768.74 yen (1-way)
Sept. 23-Take train from Kyoto to Nara 1,372.94 yen (round-trip)
Sept. 25-Take train from Kyoto to Matsumoto 9,749.52 yen (1-way),
then bus to Kamikochi, after 2 days, take bus to Takayama
Sept. 29-Take train from Takayama to Kanazawa 3,957.09 yen (1-way)
Oct. 2 -Take train from Kanazawa to Osaka 7,392.90 yen (1-way)
Oct. 3 -Take train from Osaka to Kansai Airport ?

Please let me know what would work best for us?



Hi Jeannie,

You'll be in Japan for 14 days according to your schedule. According to your planning, the total cost of your rail travel comes in at around ¥26,000 for the entire 2 week period.

As the 7 day japan rail pass is ¥28,300 and 14 japan day is ¥45,100 I don't think a Japan Rail Pass will be suitable for you - I think you'll be better off buying individual tickets as needed.

As you'll be starting your trip in Kyoto for a few days you may want to look into purchasing the Kansai Surutto Pass, which will cover your travel on non-JR lines within the Kansai area, including certain trains from Kansai airport, transport between Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji and Kobe, and local bus and subway services within these cities. Please note the Surutto Pass is for non-JR lines only.

Looks like a great trip, hope you enjoy yourselves in Kamikochi!

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