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do i need a jr pass?

Do I need a JR pass?

Hi, I would be travelling to Japan in early December for 10 days and I wanted to know if I should purchase a JR pass?
day 1 - tokyo
day 2 - Tokyo Disneyland
day 3 - Tokyo disneysea
day 4 - Tokyo
day 5 - mt Fuji
Day 6 - Kyoto
Day 7 - hakone & gotemba
Day 8 - nikko
Day 9 - Tokyo
Day 10 - Tokyo

with this itinerary, can you kindly help me decide whether it is wise to purchase a JR pass for 7 days? will it be worth it?

Thank you so much and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

Technically nobody "needs" a JR Pass but I would very much recommend using a JR Pass for your travels from day 4 - day 10. This will give you a lot of savings compared to purchasing normal tickets and the JR Pass will cover nearly all your travel in this area.

Note that the JR Pass can not always be used around Fuji, I recommend reading:

Hope this helps,

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