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covered by jr pass

covered by JR pass

Hi Daniel,

I've purchased the 14 days Exchange Order. Below is my itinerary.

Please kindly check my route. Are all the inter-city trains covered by JR pass?

I am leaving Canada on July 15, arriving Narita airport on July 16. Do I need to reserve the seat in advance before I leave Canada, especially the one from Toyko to Hakodate on July 17? If so, how can I do that?

Thanks a lot,

July 16, day 1--- Arrive Narita Airport, exchange for JRpass, night in Tokyo
July 17, day 2 --- JR train from Toyko to Hakodate, night in Hakodate
July 18 day 3 --- JR train from Hakodate to Sapporo, night in Sapporo
July 19, day 4 --- JR train from Sapporo to Asahikawa, night in Asahikawa
July 20, day 5 --- JR train from Asahikawa to Biei & Furano, return to Sapporo and night in Sapporo
July 21, day 6 --- JR train from Sapporo to Hakone, night in Hakone
July 22, day 7--- stay in Hakone, Fuji mountain view, night in Hakone
July 23, day 8 --- JR train from Hakone to Kyoto, night in Kyoto
July 24, day 9 --- JR train from Kyoto to Nara, then to Osaka, night in Osaka
July 25, day 10 --- JR rain from Osaka to Tokyo, night in Tokyo
July 26, day 11--- Tokyo, night in Tokyo
July 27, day 12 --- Tokyo, night in Tokyo
July 28, day 13 --- Tokyo, night in Tokyo
July 29, day 14 --- Leave from Narita Airport


Hello Jeff,

I checked the route and can confirm that the JR Pass covers travel between all of the above cities. You may however still need additional tickets for local travel, such as for the subway or within the Hakone region.

The train to Hakodate does require a reservation beforehand, you can make this at any JR station in Japan. For the details see:

Also consider adding one more night to Osaqka/Kyoto. You've got quite a packed itinerary at that point and a bit more time would certainly be nice.

Hope this helps,

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