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could you please have a look/ criticise to my itinerary? also, should i get 14 or 2 days jr pass?

Could you please have a look/ criticise to my itinerary? Also, should I get 14 or 2 days JR pass?

Hi there!!! :)

My boyfriend and I are going to be in Japan from the 1st February to the 20th February.
We fly to Osaka and leave Japan from Tokyo.

We want to stay in Kyoto for 3 days and do daytrips from there (Nara and Horuji temple)

5th February- Nara to Mount Koya san?

6th- Mount Koya to Osaka

Return from Mount Koya to Osaka (2 hours) and spend the remaining day and the night in Osaka.

7th Osaka to Hiroshima

In the early morning, travel from Osaka to Hiroshima, visit the Peace Park. In the afternoon, continue on to Miyajima and overnight there. ferry

8th - Miyajima to Nagasaki

Get up early and spend the morning on Miyajima. Then continue to Nagasaki on the island of Kyushu (4.5 hours) and spend the evening and night there.

9th- Nagasaki

Spend a full day in Nagasaki.

10 th -Nagasaki to Himeji

Leave Nagasaki in the morning for Himeji (4-5 hours). Spend the afternoon exploring Himeji Castle.

11th- Himeji - Ise

Ise shrines

12th - Ise - Nagoya

13th and 14th - Nagoya to Takayama
In the morning, travel from Nagoya toTakayama (2.5 hours) and spend the afternoon and evening exploring Takayama.

Maybe we can get a car and visit Shirakawa and gokayama

15th and 16th -Takayama to Kanazawa

17th- Kanazawa - Tokyo??

Would this be feasible using the JR pass?
Also, as we are going to spend some days in Kyoto and Tokyo, should we get the 14 days JR pass or the 21 days?
Beause I've seen that we could use the JR pass to go to the airports and to use the metro in Tokyo and Osaka so it could be convenient to get the 21 days one.

What do you think?

I'm looking forward to hear from you,

Thanks so much in advance!!

Amanda :)


Hi Amanda,

It looks like a fun and busy itinerary, with a good amount of train travel. You'll actually be traveling so much that you can make great savings, using either 21 or a 14 day JR Pass. Since you'll be in Japan for 20 days and nearly traveling each day, I would use a 21 day JR Pass for convenience.

Keep in mind that the JR Pass will cover nearly all of your travel but there are some parts where normal tickets will also be required, think of Koya and possible local travel. The JRPass covers local railways in Tokyo and Osaka but the subway/metro is not included.

Hope this helps,

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