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coastal trip and itinerary check

Coastal trip and itinerary check


I'm just thinking now of starting a 2 week trip to Japan with ..
Tokyo (2 nights) to Nikko (1 night)
then up to Akita and a coastal rail trip down to Kanazawa (2 nights) .. would this be a good coastal trip?

Nara (1 night)
Kurashiki (2 nights)
Osaka (2 nights)
Hakone (2 nights)
Tokyo (1 night)

Thank you, Jane


It depends on what you plan to see along the way. There are some great places in northern Japan, but not necessarily along the coast. The Dewa-sanzan mountains are one place, and seeing Sado Island is another. But you need to flesh out an itinerary more. You also would not be able to take advantage of using the bullet train.


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