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Checking itinerary and other questions

Hi there-

We are visiting Japan 2/12 - 2/23 and want to check if the 14 day JR pass makes sense for us vs point to point tickets.
We will be in Tokyo 2/12, departing for Kyoto 2/15, departing Kyoto for Kochi 2/17 -- also planning a day trip to Hiroshima while in Kochi. Returning to Tokyo 2/22. We will be travelling with our daughter who is on a year assignment teaching English in Japan -- it doesn't look like she will be able to use this pass since she is not technically a "temporary visitor", is that correct? If not, would she be able to purchase tickets for the same trains we would utilize?

Any feedback you have is appreciated, and also any suggestions on things we should see given the area we will be travelling. Thanks!


Hi there,

You'll be doing plenty of travel and using a JR Pass will give you nice savings compared to purchasing normal tickets. Especially with visits to Kochi and Hiroshima added in.

Your daughter will not be able to use the JR Pass, as she does not have a temporary visa status. However she can buy normal tickets and sit together with you, this is no problem. Just be sure to buy and reserve the train tickets together at the same time.

Hope this helps,

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