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checking if worth the pass

checking if worth the pass

Hi there,

my husband and I are traveling to Japan in late June, early July and are contemplating whether to get a JR Sanyo West Pass or to buy individual tickets.

Our planned Itinerary (though glad for suggestions) is as follows:

Arrive in Osaka International, train straight to Kyoto

Stay Kyoto 4 nights with possible side trips to Koyasan and surrounding areas to hike.

Kyoto to Hiroshima. Stay Hiroshima 3 nights, with a side trip to Miyajima.

Hiroshima to Osaka and 4 nights in Osaka before flying out.

Some outings we would definitely like to include are:

Fushimi Inari
Nishiki Market
Tenryu-ji temple
Baseball game at Koshien Stadium

Do you think it is worth getting the JR Pass or would we be better off to buy individual tickets?

Thanks for your help, any advice would be appreciated.



Hi there,

I checked your route to see if JR Pass would be helpful. The price is very close to the price of normal tickets. Namely a return Osaka - Hiroshima is 20,460 yen and the price of a 7 day JR Pass 29,110. With your other travel you would either be a little below this or just break even. So if you would consider a JR Pass it is mainly for convenience sake.

I think that your list in Kyoto includes some of the best places to visit there. My personal favorites include Kinkaku-ji, Nishiki Market and Kiyomizu-dera. You could consider adding a visit to Kurama is a very beautiful area in Kyoto and you can make some great hikes there.

In Osaka be sure to visit the area called Namba / Shinsai bashi. It's the best area of Osaka to feel the atmosphere of the city and great for shopping as well.

Hope this helps!

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