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check my itenerary please

check my itenerary please

my husband has been working in Japan for several months and will be there for 6 more months. My daughter and I are visiting him from July 4 to July 12th. From the way I am reading the requirements he is not eligible for the railway pass, but my daughter and I are. Of course we all want to travel together, could you tell me from this itenerary if it will be worth it to buy the pass for my daughter and I and how much it will be for his tickets seperately. My daughter is an adult. Thank you so much in advance for any help this is our first time out of the USA and we are extremely nervous.

Day one (friday, July 4) Toyama
Day two (sat, july 5) travel to Tokyo

           and go to Mt. Fuji  5th level

Day three (sun, july 6) Travel around Tokyo during day

            Go back to Toyama that night.

Day four (mon, July 7) travel to Kanazawa and experience kenrokuen gardens and castle

           return to Toyama

Day five (tue july 8) go to the Alpine route

            return to Toyama

Day six (wens, July 9) Nagano northern part - wild monkey park

             return to Toyama

Day seven (thurs, July 10) Kyoto tour the area (best way to do this?)

            return to toyama

Day eight (frid, July 11) takayma (Hida Folk Village)

               return to Toyama

Day nine (sat, july 12) Tateyama - paragliding

                    Jade Beach - near asahi
                    Tour Toyama

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.


Hello there,

I think that a JR Pass would be a great option for your itinerary. By making a lot of returns from Toyama - different places you add up a lot in travel costs.For instance a one way ticket Toyama - Tokyo is ¥ 11,610 now make it a return - which basically is double the price and you are at ¥ 23,220. The 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110 so you are already very close.

What I would recommend you to do, is familiarize yourself with how to plan with Hyperdia. This is a great website that gives you timetables, ticket prices and a lot of additional route information. Why I am writing this is because distances in Japan can be deceptively long. For instance Toyama - Tokyo takes about 200min for one way. Make a return on the same day and you will suddenly be traveling 400 minutes by train. With this in mind I would recommend going back and re-making your itinerary, as now you would spend more time on the train than anywhere else.

Visiting Kyoto is pretty easy, you can ride the train directly from Toyama. From Kyoto station there are guide packages available for easy sightseeing.

Hope this helps!

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