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cheapest way from otsu to kyoto

Cheapest way from Otsu to Kyoto

I will be coming to Japan for Study. I will accommodate (live) at Otsu (Shiga University of Medical Science) and learn at Kyoto University. For 6 month I am expected to travel from Shiga University of Medical Science to Kyoto University daily. Which transportation is cheapest for me to travel from Shiga University of Medical Science to Kyoto University. Is there nearest station to this two universities? Thank you very much.


Hi there!

That's pretty easy, you can use the JR Biwako local service between Otsu and Kyoto station which just takes 10min / ¥ 190.

Alternatively you could buy a bicycle and cycle to University which is good for your health and will save money on the longterm, also Kyoto is great to explore by bicycle.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much.


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