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can we get to gotemba from kyoto using a jr. rail pass?

Can we get to Gotemba from Kyoto using a JR. Rail pass?

We are travelling from Nagasaki to Kyoto for 3 days then travelling to see Mt Fuji. We are thinking of staying in possibly Gotemba for 3 days and then visiting Tokyo before flying home? We thought we would buy a 7 day rail pass, but not sure if we can use it to get to the Mt Fuji area?

Thank you in anticipation.


Yes, you can use a JR Pass to get to Gotemba. The best connection from Kyoto is about 3 hours and 10 minutes. You'd need to change trains at Mishima and Numazu Stations. Gotemba is mainly known for its shopping. If you actually want to go to Mt. Fuji, you might be disappointed since the mountain looks much nicer far away than standing part way up it - plus weather is often a problem for seeing it clearly. So you might consider going to the Fuji 5 Lakes area or to Hakone. These links can help give more info:


Hi there,

Yes the JR Pass will cover the full route. However I would advise staying somewhere else for 3 days, Gotemba is very small and there is not much of interest, exept for the shopping centers.

I feel that your time would be better spend in Hakone or perhaps the Izu Pensisula, both give a great view on Fuji.

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Thank you both for you advise, we will look at maybe staying at Hakone as it looks really pretty and as we will be there 3 days plenty to see and do.


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