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can somebody give opinion about my itinerary?

Can somebody give opinion about my itinerary?

Hello there. i'll be coming to japan for 9 days and I plan to buy 7 days JR pass while I am in Japan. Below is my rough itinerary for my trip. Can somebody suggest me how to make an improvement for this itinerary? Did i make a correct decision to buy JR pass? Don't you guys think that this trip is just too cramp to put everything in?

   DAY 1  

[xxx] - depart from xxx (0100)

[OSAKA] - arrive osaka at (0825)

                    - full day trip
                    - sleep at osaka

    DAY 2   (JR PASS DAY 1) 

[OSAKA] - depart to miyajima and hiroshima

[MIYAJIMA and HIROSHIMA] - day sighseeing

                                                            - depart to kyoto

[KYOTO] - sleep at kyoto

    DAY 3 (JR PASS DAY 2)

[KYOTO] - day sightseeing

                               - sleep at kyoto

    DAY 4  (JR PASS DAY 3)

[KYOTO] - depart to hachinohe

[HACHINOHE] - day sightseeing

                                     - sleep at hachinohe

    DAY 5  (JR PASS DAY 4)

[HACHIHOHE] - depart to oirase gorge and lake towada

[OIRASE & LAKE TOWADA] - cycling and sightseeing

                                                   - depart to hachinohe station

[HACHINOHE] - depart to tokyo

[TOKYO] - sleep in tokyo

     DAY 6  (JR PASS DAY 5)

[TOKYO] - depart to kawaguchiko

[KAWAGUCHIKO] - sightseeing around

                                         - ochudo trail 
                                         - depart to tokyo

    DAY 7   (JR PASS DAY 6)


                     - sleep at tokyo

    DAY 8    (JR PASS DAY 7)

[TOKYO] - tokyo sightseeing

                     - sleep at tokyo  

    DAY 9 

[TOKYO] - halfday sightseeing

                                           - depart to haneda airport

[HANEDA AIRPORT] - Haneda (2230) depart to xxx (0630)

[xxx] - arrive at 0630


Hi there!

That's one interesting and somewhat crazy trip. It's a good example of how efficient a JR Pass can be as it would be at least 3 times the price. It is a lot of travel so I would recommend looking at travel times and ask yourself if you want to be on the move so much.

I would also leave your visit to Shirakawago for a later time, it will just take way to long to get there from Kawaguchiko and I think that it would be impossible to even make it to Tokyo on the same day. Better would be to enjoy your time up north a little, maybe see a bit more of Hokkaido, make a stop at Sendai or maybe explore Kurosaki.

Hope this helps!

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