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bundling up tokyo tourist spots for efficiency

bundling up tokyo tourist spots for efficiency

Hi Sir,

We will be visiting the following places in tokyo for a 4 day visit and I was wondering which ones we can visit together to maximize time.

tokyo imperial palace
Ghibli Museum
Takeshita Street (harajuku)
amlux toyota auto salon
tsukiji fish market
tokyo skytree sumida city
senso-ji asakusa
ropongi hills complex
railway museum (new) train cab simulator saitama city
odaiba-tokyo man made island
beach/liberty statue
toyota mega web showroom
miraikan nat'l museum of emerging sci and innovation

also if there are places above not worth seeing/visiting please let me know

Thank you


Hi there!

I don't know if you will be able to see all these places in 4 days. For instance the Ghibli museum and Odaiba can pretty much take up a full day or at minimum half a day.

A couple of places you could combine are:
odaiba-tokyo man made island, beach/liberty statue, toyota mega web showroom and the miraikan nat'l museum of emerging sci and innovation, as these are all located in the Odaiba area.

The rest of the places are all spread throughout Tokyo so I would recommend making a list of what you wish to visit most and visit them in that order.

Have a great time in Japan!

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