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booking studio ghibli thru loppi machine at lawson

Booking Studio Ghibli thru Loppi machine at Lawson

Hi, Daniel-san,

I understand this forum is about traveling with the JR pass but i hope you can enlighten me with your extensive wisdom, lol. Will i be still able to purchase Studio Ghibli museum tickets using the Loppi machine at any lawson convenience store one week before my intended visit to the museum? I understand it is extremely hard to get the tickets through other methods. Booking through viator tour is impossible now due to the schedule. Is there any other way?

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Hi there,

Yes you can still book tickets trough the Lawson Loppi Machine. One week should be more than enough time to secure the tickets.

Here is a little guide on how to use the machines as they are only in Japanese. In case you still find the machine confusing (which it is), just ask the staff.

For reference: If you are abroad you can also make reservation trough one of the local ticket re-sellers

Hope this helps,

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Hi, Daniel-San,

Thanks for the advice!


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