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best route from miyajima to kurokawa onsen

Best route from Miyajima to Kurokawa onsen


What would be the best route to get Kurokawa Onsen from Miyajima?
I'm just hesitating between:
1/ sleeping in Beppu and travel to Aso San and Kurokawa Onsen as day trips; or
2/ sleeping in Kurokawa Onsen and travel to Aso San and Beppu as day trips (for our honeymoon, this option looks more attractive!)
Many thanks for your help


Hi there,

I think Kurokawa is great as sort of a get away place. However the only access there is by bus or car. Unless you rent your own car, Kurokawa is not a good place to make day trips from there. Beppu is better for day trips as it has regular rail access.

Also going to Yufuin instead. Its like Kurokawa but with regular rail access. You can even ride the Yufuin no Mori train from Hakata.

Hope this helps,

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