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best route - and what to add

Best route - and what to add

Hi there
I am visiting Japan in July and staying for 11 days. I have booked 3 nights in Tokyo already.
In addition to Tokyo, I would like to see:
- the Snow Monkeys -Matsumoto - Kamikocha -Kyoto, with side-trips to Nara (and maybe Mount Koya) - stay at least one night in a ryokan

Can you please tell me whether this is too ambitious or whether I could add something else. I have a 7 day JR pass and so would like some advice on the best route to maximise time and the pass.

thanks very much


Hello Rhys,

It feels like a bit much but I do think that you can do it. I would do it in the following order Tokyo - Nagano (for Show Monkeys) - Matsumoto (and trip from there to Kamikochi) - Kyoto (&side trips) and then return to Tokyo. I think you should take a minimum of 6 days for all of the above, however you could use the 7th day of the JR Pass to visit something extra. For instance how about a visit to Hiroshima or Nikko?

Either way, you are making great use of your JR Pass.

Happy travels!

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