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august trip

August trip


Firstly thanks to everyone who posts on here, it's been hugely helpful in planning my honeymoon. I wanted to check my itinerary as there are a couple of things I am unsure of (and accommodation seems to be getting booked up!)

7 nights in Tokyo (2 days at Disney,accommodation in shinjuku booked)
1 night in either Nagano or Hakone for ryokan stay, any advice on which would be better?
1 night in Hiroshima or Miyajima-again any advice which is preferable?
That leaves 5 nights, we fly out of Osaka would you recommend all 5 nights in Kyoto or a 3/2 split?

We are planning on only buying a 7 day JR pass, is there another pass we should buy for our 7 days in Tokyo? Any revisions to itinerary are welcomed the only accommodation booked is Tokyo.

Many thanks in advance


Hi there,

Your itinerary looks great and going to Japan on Honeymoon is a great choice.

Looking at question questions, Nagano or Hakone are quite different areas. One is not really better than the other, my advise would be to read about both and see what you like best. To give you a bit of background, Hakone is a scenic area at the base of mount Fuji. There are many daily activities to be done, such as a Lake cruise, riding the rope-ways and hiking, all while having a beautiful view on Fuji. Nagano is popular for the Jigokudani snow monkey, Hiking and winter sports.

In terms of access, Hakone is easier to travel to from Tokyo and would also provide easier access to Hiroshima.

Osaka and Kyoto are only 30minutes away by train, you could make your base at any of these cities and explore that way or change hotel. Either way works.

For finding a place to stay in Hiroshima or Miyajima, Miyajima very quite after dark and there is not much to do after dark. That does allow for walking on the beach together romantically but not much else. Hiroshima is a busy city, even after dark and you'll find a lot more excitement there.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you this is really helpful. After more reading we've decided to scrap Nagano and head up to Kanazawa for a couple of days. We will be staying in Shinjuku is it correct that the best route is to go from shinjuku to Omiya to catch the bullet train?

Finally would we be best buying a top up subway card for while we are in Tokyo for the first 7 days and then just buying a 7 JR pass to complete the rest of our trip? or would a 14 day pass be beneficial?

Thank you again!


Hi again,

That is one option, you can also travel to Tokyo or Ueno stations and get on the Shinkansen from there to Kanazawa.

I would suggest a 7 day JR Pass + local tickets in Tokyo (or an IC card). This is the more economic way.

Hope this helps!

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