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anything missing from my itinerary? 14 day pass?

Anything missing from my itinerary? 14 day pass?


I am flying to Tokyo, into Narita airport on Wednesday 7th October for 18 days.

From there we have been advised to take either the Narita Sky Access Line or Keisei Main Line to Takasago Station to get to our hotel.

Then spend 6 days in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, visiting Mt Fuji and KANAGAWA

Travel to Kyoto and spend 6 days here

Travel to Horoshima and spend a day here

Finally onto Osaka (visiting Nara) for our final 5 days before flying out of Osaka.

Would it be best to buy a 14 day rail pass that starts from the day we arrive? Can we use this to get from Narita airport to Takasago Station? Or do we purchase it to start 4 days into our trip and last until the end?

Can you see anything from my itinerary that you feel I am missing (this is the first stop on a world trip so I do not claim to be an expert by any means!) , do you feel I might be staying somewhere for too long?

Can we use the Japan Rail pass on all local suburban travel or is it just long distance travel?



Hi there,

The best option when it comes to using a JR Pass here, would be to get a 7 day JR Pass and use it to cover Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Osaka. These are by far the most expansive routes and the JR Pass is valid for all of them. Then buy normal train tickets for your first couple of days in Tokyo and remaining days in Osaka. This is financially the best option.

I think that you have made a great base itinerary, love the inclusion of Hiroshima for instance and I am sure that you'll have a great time. I do recommend reading up on the places you wish to visit. That way you get by far the best out of your itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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