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advice on type of passes for my itinerary

Advice on type of passes for my itinerary


Would appreciate some advice on the type of JR pass for my visit to Japan. We are staying 9 days in Japan but in between we will visit Kyushu where private transport will be arranged. As the 7 days JR pass has to be used consecutively, effectively we can only use it from 4 to 7 Dec or 29 Nov to 5 Dec. I've done some research and it seems like I would only use JR trains extensively for travels to Nara and Magome (shinkansen). Is it worth it for me to get the 7 days JR pass or buy the individual tickets? Or is there a better JR pass that can better cater to my needs? Thank you

29 Nov - 1 Dec : Tokyo (staying near Higashi Ginza station)
1 Dec: From Tokyo take flight to Kyushu

1 - 3 Dec: Kyushu (No requirement for train/bus transport)
3 Dec: From Kyushu take flight to Osaka

Staying at Osaka (near Tennoji station), we will travel to these places daily, to and fro Osaka:
4 Dec: Magome and hike to Tsumago
5 Dec: Nara
6 Dec: Kyoto Arashiyama
7 Dec: Travel around in Osaka


Hi there,

I would advise buying normal tickets here since most long distance travel is done using domestic flights and thereby the effectiveness of the JR Pass no longer works.

It does look like a great trip!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the kind advice!


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