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advice on 17 days trip to japan

Advice on 17 days trip to Japan

Dear Daniel-san,

here's our planned trip.
It would be great, if you could have a look at it an give us some advice, on the initiaries, the chronology and which rail pass you would recommend to realize it.

        Destination     City/Hotel
  1. Apr Arrival Tokio Tokyo
  2. Apr Tokio city Tokyo
  3. Apr Nikko Tokyo
  4. Apr Kamakura Tokyo
  5. Apr Tokio Hakone
  6. Apr hiking Mt Fuji Hakone
  7. Apr Yamanouchi + Okuhida-Onsen hotel?
  8. Apr Takayama Kanzawa
  9. Apr Kanzawa Kyoto
  10. Apr Kyoto + Kusatsu-onsen Kyoto
  11. Apr Kyoto Kyoto
  12. Apr Kyoto Kyoto
  13. Apr Nara Nara
  14. Apr Ise Ise/Kyoto
  15. Apr Mt. Koya Temple-stay
  16. Apr over Osaka to HiroshimaMiyajima/Hisoshima
  17. Mai Hiroshima Osaka
  18. Mai Osaka Osaka
  19. Mai departure

What do you think abou this plan?
Did we forget some important highlights of Japan. Maybe you have some suggestions, what else we should see?
Would you recommend us the JR? Or is there a better way to do this trip? (Wetern JR or other Rail passes?)
If the JR is the best option, shoul we buy a 14 day or could we do it with a 7 day pass?
Maybe we should rethink the chronology of our trip?

Thank you very very very much in advance!
Maja :-)


Hi Maja,

First let me say: your plan looks great! There's a lot of diversity and amazing places included.
The route also looks good and there's no unnecessary travel time. What I would suggest looking at are your plans for Fuji, the area can be a bit tricky to get to and I would suggest making a more detailed itinerary of what you wish to see and do in Hakone and around Fuji.

Now to the JR Pass, you'll be traveling a lot and the JR Pass will be of great use. Since you are traveling nation wide I would recommend the normal JR Pass (instead of a regional pass) as no other pass will cover all where you are going. I think best option would be to use a 14 day JR Pass from day 4 - 17. To make the most of your JR Pass my suggestion would be to switch visiting Nikko and Kamakura around. Travel to Kamakura is not very expansive but Nikko can ramp up quite a bill if you travel there by Shinkansen, so it's better to use the JR Pass for it.

It all looks good for the rest - let me know if I can help with anything else!

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