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a month in autumn

A month in Autumn


I have a month in Japan to plan for and I have a general itinerary but would love any advice you have on when to activate the JR Pass and anything I should add to my list!

Date Location
14-Oct Arrive Kansai Airport @ 8pm
15-Oct Fly to New Chitose – Tomamu for Unkai Terrace
16-Oct Sapporo
17-Oct Sapporo
18-Oct Sapporo
19-Oct Noboribetsu Onsen
20-Oct Hakodate
21-Oct Aomori
22-Oct Hirosaki
23-Oct Kakunodate
24-Oct Ginzan Onsen
25-Oct Kanazawa
26-Oct Kanazawa
27-Oct Takeyama
28-Oct Tateyama
29-Oct Matsumoto
30-Oct Tokyo
31-Oct Tokyo
1-Nov Tokyo
2-Nov Tokyo
3-Nov Fujinomiya – Autumn Festival
4-Nov Local bus to Fujikawaguchiko
5-Nov Tokyo
6-Nov Kyoto
7-Nov Kyoto
8-Nov Kyoto
9-Nov Kyoto
10-Nov Kyoto
11-Nov Osaka
12-Nov Leave from Kansai Airport

Thank you!


Hello there,

Very nice trip for a month in Japan. Like the included visit to Hokkaido as well.

I think a 21 day JR Pass would work best starting from Oct 19th. This would cover all your Shinkansen and longer distance travel.

As for places to include, I think the selection of cities included is good, now it will be working on the details on what to do each day. This is mostly a personal thing of what you are interested in. My recommendation would be to make some small day trips as well. Such as Otaru from Sapporo, Kamakura from Tokyo and Nara or Koyasan from Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel-san,

I've been looking into the JR East-South Hokkaido pass with an eye to buy both and start the 21 days pass later so it covers travel until I leave. I think it would break even but I am not sure if I will get use out of it in Kyoto??

Thanks, Sabrina


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