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a little bit of everything

A little bit of everything

Hi guys,

I want to surprise my girlfriend with the trip of her dreams so I spent the last 3 days reading about all this amazing country have to offer..
I got a little pic in my head about the things we have to see and I ask for your wise opinion please!
We'll be staying for 2 weeks in mid August so I'll buy the JR pass of course, landing and leaving from Tokyo..
I want to see Tokyo for the city experience.. Kyoto for the old culture and to finish at the amazing "Thailand like" crystal clear beaches that I was surprise to discover..

Can one of you please help me with a simple planning? I will be gratful!

Thank you very much



Hello Guy,

You can use this 7 day JR Pass itinerary as basis and adjust to your own liking from there.

I think starting with a base as Tokyo - Kyoto - 1 or 2 visits such as Nara/Osaka/Koya-san and then return to Tokyo works well.

Let me know what you think!


Thanks a lot Daniel-san!
One question though..
Do you know any beautiful beaches I could go using my JR pass with no need for a plane like to Okinawa or Miyakojima?



Yes there are beautiful beaches near Kamakura and the Izu peninsula. Both are not too far from Tokyo either.


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