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a 7-day or 14 day jr pass for a 12-day japan trip.

A 7-day or 14 day JR pass for a 12-day Japan Trip.

A 7-day or 14 day JR pass for a 12-day Japan Trip.

Hi. I’m due for Japan in 11 days time and I’m still undecided between getting a 7 day JR pass or 14 day JR pass. I have been getting so many mixed reviews but my gut feel tells me that a 14 day JR pass wouldn’t be worth it since my daily cost of JR pass would be approximately $55 USD. Please advise! I’ll be covering Tokyo – Hakone and Mount Fuji – Hiroshima – Kyoto – Osaka in my 12 days trip.

Day 1 and 2 – 20th and 21st Oct (Tokyo)
I’ll arrive at Narita airport and travelling to Shinjuku where my Airbnb is. In the next two days, I’ll cover places of interest within Shinjuku area such as the Sensoji Temple, Ueno Park, Metropolitan Building, Akihabara, Ginza etc. Is there a reasonably priced non JR route that will get me from Narita airport to Shinjuku? I researched and Shinjuku Gyeon Mae station (marunouchi line) is the nearest train station for my Airbnb. For my travels to the places of interest, will per trip passes be super expensive?

Day 3 – 22nd Oct From Shinjuku to Hakone/Mount Fuji
I will use the Hakone Free pass for the day trip visit. Otherwise, is it valid with JR pass?

Day 4 – 23rd Oct: Shibuya (Tokyo)
We will probably stay in the vicinity and I suppose JR pass wont make economical sense.

Day 5 – 24th Oct : Tokyo to Hiroshima
I was planning to validate my JR pass today (assuming I’m using a 7 day JR pass) but it seems that the Nozomi trains are not valid for JR pass. I read that there are alternative routes using the JR pass using Hikari trains. Can you advise on this? Otherwise, is there any travel routes?

Day 6 – 25th Oct: Hiroshima
Covering places of interest such as Miyajima island and Mount Misen. Will be taking the sightseeing loop bus that’s free with the JR pass.

Day 7 – 26th Oct: Hiroshima to Kyoto:
Will I be able to use this on JR pass? I can’t seem to find routes.

Day 8, 9, 10,11 – 27th to 30th Oct: travelling within Kyoto

Day 12- Kyoto to Osaka
My JR pass would have expired on 30th Oct and not valid for my trip from Kyoto to Osaka. I read of trip day trip tickets amounting to only $5USD.

Let me know if the above is alright or should I use 14 day pass all the way? Thanks!!!


Hello there,

I would use a 7 day JR Pass for at least days 7-12, this part of your itinerary will cost the most and you can already make good savings by covering this with a 7 day JR Pass. From anything else included is a nice bonus. Travel from Kyoto - Osaka is also included and you can even use the Shinkansen if you wish to do so.

About the Nozomi, this Shinkansen is indeed not included in the JR Pass. You can use the Hikari and Sakura Shinkansen instead. Going to Hiroshima, this means that you have one transfer at Shin-Osaka. The trains are the same for the rest but make a couple more stops on the way compared to the Nozomi services.

Hope this helps,

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