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9d8n hokkaido family trip 2017

9D8N Hokkaido Family Trip 2017

I am planning a trip to Hokkaido next year March.
There would be 2xadults and 1x5year old toddler for this trip.
I plan to get the flexible 4 days pass and sapporo otaru welcome pass for this trip.
Would appreciate if anyone here can assist me in further improve on my itinerary. Thank you!

3 to 10 Mar
Hotel Monterey Sapporo (7N)
10 to 11 Mar
Oyado Kiyomizuya (1N)

3 Mar Fri *Hokkaido Rail Pass (Flexible 4Days)

4 Mar Sat

5 Mar Sun (Day trip) *Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass (Train) (1Day)
* Reserve right side seats (sea view) Otaru

6 Mar Mon (Day trip) *Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass (Subway) (1Day)
Shiroi Koibito park

7 Mar Tue (Day trip) *Hokkaido Rail Pass (Flexible 4Days)
Asahikawa zoo

8 Mar Wed (Day trip)
Takino Suzuran Hillside National Government Park

9 Mar Thu (Day trip)

10 Mar Fri *Hokkaido Rail Pass (Flexible 4Days)
Noboribetsu onsen (overnight)

11 Mar Sat *Hokkaido Rail Pass (Flexible 4Days)
Lake Toya (Morn), CTS (Eve)

Hokkaido 2017
Hokkaido 2017

Hello there,

Looks like a great trip to make with your family. Since you already have a plan on when to use the JR Pass and when you will be where there's not much room to add more places. If you had room, I recommend adding Hakodate.

For the rest, try to read up as much as you can on the places. This way you will not miss anything great.

Note that travel to Otaru from Sapporo does not cost a lot and you could use your pass elsewhere.

Hope this helps,


Thank you Daniel san for replying to my post!

I did not include Hakodate as I do not know when/which day to add in my itinerary.

Appreciate if you could assist me on this part 😊

I thought the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass (train) (1Day) is only strictly for Sapporo to Otaru and back?

Do you think I am not making full use of these day?

  • 6 Mar just visiting Shiroi Koibito park and no programs after that....

  • 9 Mar Thu (Day trip) Jozankei...

Looking forward to your reply!

Hokkaido 2017
Hokkaido 2017

I thought the Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Pass (train) (1Day) is only strictly for Sapporo to Otaru and back? Oops, somehow I read that you'd be using the JR Hokkaido pass here.

6 Mar just visiting Shiroi Koibito park and no programs after that.... You could head up to Mt. Moiwa after for a great view of the Sapporo skyline, or just enjoy walking around the city shopping streets.

Jozankei Not sure how long you'd spend around here. You could add any Sapporo attraction before going here, for instance a visit to the Sapporo beer museum (it's free!).


Mt Moiwa is a great suggestion 😊

The day trip to Jozankei is to walk around the small town and enjoying the footbaths nearby. Its basically a day to relax ourselves after visiting those attractions earlier before.

From your experience do you think noboribetsu onsen hotels would be full of crowd/tourists during early March next year? Is it high or low season during that time?

Do you think there is a way to fit in Hakodate into my itineray?

Hokkaido 2017
Hokkaido 2017

Hi don't think it will be super busy in Noboribetsu, most visitors go during summer. March is quite cold but the winter season will have ended. It is a good time if you don't want to see too many people.

I don't see how you could add Hakodate without removing anything else. I would recommend at least 1 night there.


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