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9 days in japan - tokyo-kamakura-hakone-kyoto-hiroshima-nara-tokyo

9 days in Japan - Tokyo-Kamakura-Hakone-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Nara-Tokyo

Hello all, I planned on getting a 7 day pass and start it leaving Tokyo. It would be really helpful if you checked my itinerary. Plus, It would be great to know how long the train ride would be. I have some difficulty figuring out what trains go into the pass and how long they take.

Arrive July 31st late at night in Tokyo


Aug. 2nd

Early train to half day in Kamakura
Travel from Kamakura to Hakone

Aug. 4th
Day in Hakone
Travel to Kyoto

Day in Kyoto

Aug. 6th
Travel to Hiroshima

Travel to Nara for half day
Travel to Tokyo

Last day in Tokyo fly out

Does this all make sense? Nara is after Hiroshima since I am traveling with another couple and we are parting in Hiroshima and they had no interest in going to Nara, while for me I am looking forward to it. Thank you!



Hello Kristina,

I don't see any problems here, infect the above itinerary looks great!

Here is a quick list of approximate travel times, note that they can vary a little depending on route and trains travelled on.

Kamakura - Hakone (Odawara) 44 Minutes
Odawara - Kyoto 123 Minutes (be sure to take a direct Hikari train)
Kyoto - Hiroshima 128 Minutes
Hiroshima - Nara 159 Minutes
Nara - Tokyo 226 Minutes

Hope this helps!

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