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9 days in japan

9 days in Japan


I made up an itinerary for our 9 days in Japan, but I'm not sure if it's too rushed. Is it worth spending a day around Mt Fuju? Or would it be better to spend a day in Osaka (possibly with a trip to Nara?). Lastly, how does the itinerary match up with using a JR pass?

saturday: fly into osaka. train to tokyo.
sunday/monday: tokyo
tuesday: mt fuji: take early train there spend day & stay overnight (near hakone).
wednesday - friday: kyoto: take 3 hr bullet train from hakone to kyoto. spend 2.5 days.
saturday: hiroshima: two hour bullet train ride from kyoto. spend day & night there.
sunday: train to osaka. fly home.

(*Flying into Osaka rather than Tokyo because it's a lot cheaper from South Korea, our homebase)

Thanks for your help!


Hi there!

Visiting Fuji, kinda depends on what part of the year you will visit it. During winter it can often be obscured in the clouds. Nevertheless visiting Hakone year round is great, there are other beautiful views, onsen and local delicacies to enjoy, so you can certainly visit it.

I would also certainly recommend a JR Pass for your travel. A return Osaka - Tokyo alone will pay for the pass and you will be sure to make some very good savings by visiting Hiroshima for instance. You can also use the ferry from there to Miyajima if you wish (it's recommended!).

Hope this helps,

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