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9 days autumn trip help

9 days Autumn trip help

  • 16 -- arriving haneda 10.30pm - overnight tokyo
  • 17 -- tokyo-nighttrain<>kyoto-overnight kyoto
  • 18 -- kyoto-overnight kyoto
  • 19 -- kyoto-nighttrain<>hiroshima-overnight hiroshima
  • 20 -- hiroshima<>miyajima<>hiroshima<>overnight osaka
  • 21 -- osaka-universal-overnightosaka
  • 22 -- no schedule maybe osaka/gifu
  • 23 -- hakone-hakone-overnight hakone (any good recommendation with not splurse cost?)
  • 24 -- hakone-gotemba-tokyo
  • 25 -- tokyo - home

Hi, is this schedule feasible or too tight or too loose, is 7 Day JR Pass feasible, and most importantly any good recommendation at Hakone overnight stay (am vry worry the wheather in Fuji, i read story cablecar not in operation, cant view MtFuji)

Thank You!


Hi there,

This itinerary looks pretty packed, but is certainly possible! You are certainly right that Hakone trips can be a little disappointing because of weather. Also the trip up there is quite time consuming so if you're only planning on one night, you may not get the best out of it. Have you considered skipping Hakone and returning to Tokyo for a more relaxed urban few days at the end of your trip?

A 7 day rail pass from the 17th to the 13rd will offer the best value if you do decide to buy.

Hope this helps!


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