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8 days in japan

8 days in Japan

this is my first time to Japan. There are 5 adults and 1 child traveling.

Our plan is :
Day 1. Arrive in Osaka (KIX) in morning - visit Kyoto half day, back to Osaka castle, shin uemeda building, aquarium, and spend the night in Shinsaibashi or Dotombori

Day 2. Universal Studio

Day 3. Osaka - Tateyama - From Toyama to Shinano Omachi , continue to Tokyo

Day 4. Tokyo - Sight seeing
Day 5. Tokyo - Sight seeing
Day 6. Disneyland
Day 7. Disney sea
Day 8. Airport (Narita)

Please advise whether my itinenary is possible and will 7 days JR pass be helpful?
From shinano omachi to tokyo, what is the best possible transportation?

Thank you.
Yasim - Indonesia


Hi Yasmi,

This looks like a very good itinerary for the available time. Your first day in Osaka/Kyoto may be a little busy so I would make a good schedule before hand.

You could also combine Universal Studio with Osaka castle on day two for instance.

The JR Pass is great if you do a lot of travel, I would not recommend one since your only long distance travel is limited to Osaka - Toyama - Tokyo so buying normal tickets is probably better.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel for your advise.

Can you help me in designing better itinerary for Osaka?
What is the best way to travel from Shinano Omachi to Tokyo?
Thank you.


Hi Again,

I think I would make a day trip to Kyoto and enjoy the day there, there's a lot to do and having to travel all day around Kansai can get a little tiresome. Then the 2nd day visit the places you want to see in Osaka. For instance you could do Universal city in the morning and noon, then head to Shinsaibashi and Dotombori have an eurly dinner and spend the evening in the Aquarium (it is open until 20:00-20:30) depending on the day.

The best way to travel from Shinano Omachi really depends on the time of day. You can see a couple of example routes here most take about 225-250 minutes. The easiest way is just to tell the JR Staff that you wish to travel to Tokyo and they will make the seat reservations and print the route for you. This way you always have the best route!

I hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel

thanks a lot for your advise.


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