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7d pass for 15 days in japan

7d pass for 15 days in Japan


I kind of got my plan for my Japan trip figured out. First I thought of getting the 14d pass, but as I plan to stay longer times at one place with small trips that might be cheap with local transport, 7d could be a better solution. I have never been to Japan and have just a rough idea about the costs. Info in blogs is kind of mixed up...
Anyway, here's my plan:

3.12. Land in Osaka, go to Kyoto
4.12. Kyoto
5.12. Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto (7d pass1)
6.12. Kyoto - Osaka -Kyoto (2)
7.12. Kyoto - Hiroshima (3)
8.12. Hiroshima (4)
9.12. Hiroshima - Miyajima - Hiroshima (5)
10.12. Hiroshima - some Onsen place. Haven't figured that out yet, but I want to stay the night (6)
11.12. Train to Tokio (7)
12.12. Tokio
13.12. Tokio
14.12. Tokio - Kamakura - Tokio
16.12. Tokio
17.12. Tokio Airport - Home

How I see this I'd have to pay extra for all local transport, transport to Kamakura and the ways to and from the airports. Even with the 7 days I'm still a bit flexible. I could easily give one day in Tokio for a day in Kyoto, or could skip Nara or Osaka for something different.

It would be lovely to have some comments on that. Does it work? Is out a bad idea to begin with?
Please keep in mind: I dislike moving places. For me that's exhausting and it's always half a day just for carrying luggage and searching.

Thanks a lot for every comment.


Hi there,

I would do the same as you have planned now. Go with a 7 day JR Pass, use it to see the places that are far away from each other and then buy local tickets for travel in and around Tokyo.

For Onsen, I have a couple of suggestions that you could plan in. Kinosaki-Onsen, a lovely onsen town to the north of Kyoto.

Gero Onsen, hidden in the Japanese Alps. This town is lower priced that most other Onsen resorts. The train ride there is also very beautiful. It is also not too hard to plan in while traveling to Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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