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7 or 21 day pass for sendai to hiroshima with

7 or 21 day pass for Sendai to Hiroshima with

The following is the itinerary we are considering.
Ishinomaki to Kyoto August 3,2012
Kyoto to Okayama August 5th
Okayama to Hiroshima August 6th
Hiroshima to Takayama August 7th
Takayama to Sendai August 8th
Sendai to Ishinomaki August 10
There is then a break in travel until
Sendai to Tokyo August 17
Tokyo to Ishinomaki August 20.
My question is the following. Is it better to buy a 7 day pass for the first 7 days (August 3-9th), and then pay separately for the extra travel from Sendai to Ishi on August 10 and Sendai to Tokyo August 17th and Tokyo to Ishi on the 20th, or is it more economical to buy a 21 day pass?
thank you!


Hi there,

The difference in price between a 7 and 21 day pass is ¥29,400, so in order for a 21 day pass to be worthwhile over a 7day+tickets you'll need to spend more than this difference in the ticket portion of your trip. Lets take a look at those costs:

  1. Sendai(miyagi/jr) > Ishinomaki: ¥3580, (123mins, 80km)
  2. Ishinomaki > Sendai(miyagi/jr): ¥1280, (97mins, 71km)
  3. Sendai(miyagi/jr) > Tokyo: ¥10590, (102mins, 351km)
  4. Tokyo > Ishinomaki: ¥12150, (242mins, 422km)

TOTAL: ¥27600 for 4 legs

As you can see the ticket costs will just come under the difference in cost between the 7 and 21 day pass, with a saving of ¥1800. In my opinion its worth taking the 21 day pass option just to ensure you have travel flexibility for the period 9-20, however it will very much depend on how firm your plans are.

Hope this helps!

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