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7 or 14 day pass, green pass or not

7 or 14 Day pass, Green pass or not

We are visiting Japan in 2 weeks arriving on April 10 at Narita...
5 nights in Tokyo - we will stay in the Tokyo area during these days then
1 night Hakone ares
2 nights Takayama
2 nights Hiroshima
3 nights Kyoto
2 nights Tokyo Disneyland area then fly home from Narita .

As we are travelling on the trains out of Tokyo for 8 days I thought if I only got a 7 day pass I would activate it when we are leaving Hakone for the rest of our travelling which I think would get us back to Tokyo Disneyland.

I am not sure if it is worth getting the 14 day pass to use to get from Narita to Shibuya and also while we are in Tokyo as well as getting to Hakone.

Also do we have more of a chance getting seats if we take the Green ticket? There are 4 of us travelling.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to getting your advice.


Hi There,

I think a 7-day pass will be the most economic option, given that you can return to Tokyo on day 7. With your current itinarary you would be using the JRPass for 7 nights which would mean 8 days of use. The JR-Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and the first day of use is counted as a full day. For instance if you use from on April the 17th of April, then it will be valid until the 23rd 23:59.

Here is a little list of ticket prices without the JR-Pass.
Narita Airport --> Tokyo ¥ 3,140
Tokyo --> Odawara (shinkansen station for Hakone). ¥ 3,840
Odawara --> Takayama ¥ 12,710
Takayama --> Hiroshima ¥ 16,710
Hiroshima --> Kyoto ¥ 10,990
Kyoto --> Maihama, Tokyo (station for Disneyland) ¥ 13,630

If you would start using the 7day JRPass on the day that you leave for Takayama, than you would use 54,040 Yen worth of travel. This would mean ¥ 25,740 in savings because the 7-day JR-Pass is ¥ 28,300.

Alternatively with the 14-day JRPass you could do all of the above travel which adds up to ¥ 61,020 or ¥ 15,920 in savings as the 14-day JRPass is ¥ 45,100. Even though the savings are not as high as the 7-day pass option, they are still very good!

Going Green is a very nice option if you would like to enjoy extra space and comfort.I don't think you will need to buy a Green pass if the main purpose is to sit together. Shinkansen usually don't sell out and getting seats together should be no problem at all. You can make the seat reservations a day or so before if you want to be sure!

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much Daniel. This has been very helpful. Just one more thing if you have time.... If we did get the 14 day pass I guess we could use it for other train travel in Tokyo as well. Are the many other train lines other than the Yamanote line that it could be used on for day to day sight seeing in Tokyo?


Hi again,

Yes there are many more JR lines in Tokyo that you can use.
See this map from JR East to get an idea of the lines that you can use.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,

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Mmmm not sure why the link does not work with the markdown format.

Here is the full link:

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Thank you heaps. We are so looking forward to our trip.


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