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7 or 14 day pass?

7 or 14 day pass?

we will arrive in Tokyo (Narita) on April 25 and need to get to Akita-ken, Senboku-shi, Kakunodate-machi. On April 29th we will go to Osaka until May 3 when we return to Tokyo for 2 days and then back to the airport to depart on May 5. We will be doing day trips to Hiroshima and Kyoto during the week as well. Would it be better to get a 7 day pass to use from April 29th - May 5 and just pay separately for the initial train from Narita to Kakunodate or should we get a 14 day pass?

Thanks for you help.



Hi Jill,

Just a guess, might you be going to Kakunodate for the Cherry Blossom?

I think the 14-day JRPass is the best option, here's why:
I looked up the route from Narita Airport to Hakunodate and the ticket price is ¥ 18,580.
The price for the upgrade from a 7-day JRPass to a 14-day JRPass is ¥ 16,800.
This means that you would save ¥ 1,780 with the 14-Day JRPass over the 7-day Pass + single tickets and of course you get an other 7-days of unlimited train usage.

I think you planned a very nice trip, so make the most of it!

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Thank you Daniel. Actually the Cherry Blossom is a bonus . . . we are visiting Kakunodate because our son lives and teaches there :-)


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