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7 or 14 day pass?

7 or 14 day pass?


Pardon my ignorance, trying to determine if a JR pass suits us.

We arrive in Tokyo from Sydney on a Friday at 6.30am (Narita airport) - will we be able to activate our JR pass at that point (so early in the morning) and use it to get to Shibuya where we are staying for 6 nights?

Does the JR pass cover travel in Tokyo and day trips from Tokyo? Such as to zoos, museums and other central sights plus further afield day trips such as Mt Fuji.

Our itinerary is as follows

Day 1 - fly into Narita 6.30am then to Tokyo
Day 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Tokyo
Day 4 - Tokyo
Day 5 - Tokyo
Day 6 - Tokyo
Day 7 - train to Takayama (stay overnight)
Day 8 - leave Takayama to travel to Kyoto
Day 9 - Kyoto
Day 10 - Kyoto
Day 11 - Kyoto
Day 12 - return to Narita airport to fly home late that night.

Do we need a JR pass? Will it cover most of our travel, and should we opt a 14 day pass or 7 (activating the seven day pass when we leave Tokyo for Takayama?


Hi there,

The JR Pass is good for travel within Tokyo but is better used for travel nationwide. As travel within Tokyo is not very expensive. Taking this in mind, I would advise a 7 day JR Pass for your itinerary. You can make some very nice savings by using it to travel to Takayama and Kyoto and it will also cover the way back to Narita Airport.

For your arrival, consider a 1,500yen Narita Express ticket.
It's a great way to get into Tokyo for a great price.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Our only concern was that the day trips out of Tokyo would add up, would that make it worthwhile starting a 14 day pass right from the airport on arrival (would the JR office be open so early to do that?). Can you use your JR pass much in Tokyo day to day and from the airport anyways?

Many thanks.


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