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7 day vs 14 day pass based on itinerary

7 day vs 14 day pass based on itinerary

Should I get the 7 day pass or the 14 day pass?

Friday: Land in NRT, pick up rail pass and head to tokyo

Saturday: Tokyo

Sunday: Kamakura (Should we head back to Tokyo and sleep there or should we stay the night in Kam?)

Monday: Takayama

Tuesday: Leave Takayama in afternoon and sleep in Kyoto

Wednesday: Kyoto

Thursday: Kyoto

Friday: Nara (heading back to Kyoto to sleep)

Saturday: Osaka (head back to Kyoto to sleep)

Sunday: Hiroshima continuing on to Miyajima and sleeping there

Monday: Tokyo

Tuesday: Nikko staying in Tokyo (Should I switch Monday and Tuesday around and go straight from Miyajima to Nikko and sleep in Nikko?)

Wednesday: Tokyo

Thursday: Head to NRT go home


Hi there,

I like that you are exploring a lot of Japan and I would definitely use a 14 day JR Pass.

There is plenty of travel, going to Takayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshioma, back to Tokyo and then even Nikko. All together you will make amazing savings with the JR Pass compared to buying normal tickets.

Kamakura makes for a good day trip, so no need to stay there.

Miyajima is also a great day trip from Hiroshima and you could simply stay in Hiroshima.

Nikko is a great day trip but it is also nice to stay there for one night.

Hope this helps,

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