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7 day vs. 14 day pass

7 day vs. 14 day pass

First off, you do a great job in answering people's questions!

I am flying into Narito and will stay in Tokyo for 2 nights either in Chiyoda or Minato.
We are young adults and are able to walk for miles and interested in tourist sights.

Will we rely heavily on transportation if staying in Minato? We want to see as much of Tokyo as possible.

After Tokyo, we will use the JR Pass to travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe all in 7 days.

We are trying to save money by not activating the JR pass until we leave Tokyo. But we are not sure if we will end up spending more money on trains in Tokyo getting around.

Should we get the 7 day pass or the 14 day pass? Thanks so much!


Hi there,

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I think a 7-day pass is perfect for your travels and use other methods of transport in Tokyo.
Since you are staying in Minato you can reach several places on foot, like Odaiba and the Ranbow bridge but also Tokyo tower and Roppongi for the rest thought I would recommand using the metro/train system in Tokyo. If you want to travel a lot in Tokyo I would recommand using a 1day Metro pass that is only 710 yen and allows for unlimited travel on the Tokyo metro!

Hope this anwers you question, let me know if I can help with anything else!


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